What is the Leather Label of Jeans?

Nov. 06, 2021

Jeans have been adored by people since the resilience because their appearance during the gold high temperature in the last century. Nowadays, they are additionally taken into consideration as a classy product which are prominent amongst individuals with various ages.

Leather Labels

However, have you ever before discovered the leather label on the back of your jeans? Although the style of jeans are numerous, there is leather label on the back of the majority of Jeans.


The leather label on the back of denims has actually existed for a long period. As early as 1936, Lee, a well-known jeans brand, was the first to introduced leather label for brand name promotion. Later on, Lee slowly took the leading setting in Jeans field around the world, and afterwards other brands started to emulate Lee to add a leather label to denims. Ultimately, jeans with leather label hit the mainstream.


Firstly, the leather label in Jeans is made use of to offer the brand to customers. At the same time, it is likewise a location to show developer's creativity. For the youngsters that go after style as well as brand, the obvious leather label on denims can show their preference and personality.
Second of all, denims leather label is not just an indication of identity, it provides many sensible features. For example, large size leather labels can assist to take care of the belt when jeans is also loose to put on.

In brief, don't tower above the leather label of Jeans which have lots of functions like decoration, advertisement and also practical usage.


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