The different types of labels used in apparel and the information on those labels

Dec. 08, 2021

Labels are not a functional part of the garment, but are essential for many reasons. The seven common labels used in apparel are size labels, brand labels, care labels, flag labels, lot labels, manufacturer codes and special labels. Each label has a specific purpose and carries some kind of information.


1. Brand or primary label. 

The primary label indicates the brand name or brand logo of the company that purchases and sells the garment. Brand labels play an important role for customers because they only know the brand and they buy the brand. The brand level is associated with product quality, durability and feel good factors. For example, we go to buy Levis jeans and Tommy Hilfiger shirts and polo shirts, Zara dresses, etc. 

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2. Size tags. 

A size label defines a specific set of body measurements. Size labels can only be printed later to indicate a specific size. For example, S is for small, M is for medium and L is for large garments. The customer knows which size fits them. When the customer goes shopping, he/she will pick the clothes that fit him/her according to his/her size. 


3. Care label. 

This label contains washing care and ironing instructions. For more information on laundry care instructions, please refer to the garment laundry care symbol. Care labels are attached at the side seams. The purpose of the care label is to warn the wearer what not to do to maintain color during washing, drying and ironing, especially after print design, wash shrinkage and color bleeding issues. Care labels may include some additional information, such as 


A. Fiber content is also included in the care label. I.e. 40% polyester and 60% cotton 

B. Country of origin: The name of the country where the particular product is made is also written on the care label. For example, made in India, made in Italy. 


4. Flag label. 

A small label affixed to the outer seam. Flag labels are usually made from brand logos and are mainly used as design features. 


5. Lot number label. 

A label that indicates which sewing line or lot a particular garment was made from. Buyers or brands do not usually request this label. Few garment manufacturers add this label to their internal quality inspection process and correct which line produced the garment and which inspector inspected the same. This label is usually attached to the side seam under the wash label.


6. Manufacturer's label. 

This label contains the manufacturer's code provided by the buyer. Most international buyers purchase garments from different parts of the world and distribute these garments around the world. If buyers need to track the manufacturer of a specific product, they use this code.


7. Special labels. 

100% cotton, organic cotton is an example of this special label. Special labels are usually attached to purchases to draw the customer's attention.


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