Custom Screen Printed Labels

Oct. 29, 2021

Custom screen printed labels are the perfect way to instantly legitimize your T-shirts. They are a great alternative to custom woven labels. We remove the old labels and replace them with screen printed labels. Say goodbye to generic manufacturer labels and put a stamp on your shirts and your brand. Screen printed labels also provide comfort by eliminating the hassle and itch of traditional labels.


Screen Print Label

Ink recommendations

Light gray plastisol and/or water-based inks are recommended to leave minimal marks on the outside.

Ink changes

Ink changes are not allowed while the label is running.



A 10% margin is placed on the inside of the neck. A further 10% of the ink is allowed to pass through on the other side of the fabric. This method is not recommended for very light or sheer clothing.


Font Size 

4 lb. font size or larger (depending on font). Anything smaller may not print clearly.


Label Information

It is recommended to include your brand name, t-shirt size, fabric composition, washing instructions, safety warnings, and the origin of the item on the label.


Label Removal

Labels will be removed as close to the seam as possible. Tear-off labels are better than woven labels. Because the woven label is sewn into the seam, it is impossible to remove the entire label without tearing the seam.


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